Course Development Workshops

19 Oct 2017 - 14:58

As part of the development of the project the Trust is now organising workshops looking at the courses that could be run in the House once the works are completed

This is essential in developing Shambellie House’s business plan and will be an integral part of our application for capital funding next year. Our plan is to offer a wide range of day and residential courses, including photography, arts and crafts, history, wildlife and the environment.

We are therefore holding a series of workshops to develop the programme of courses that Shambellie House expects to run in its first three years of operation. We invite anyone who is interested in being one of Shambellie House’s tutors in the future, and in running courses at the house, to attend one of these. 

Each workshop will cover:

  • Background to the Shambellie House project and timetable
  • Data from market research about economic viability, potential audience and competitors
  • What we are looking for in proposals
  • A tour of the existing spaces in Shambellie House
  • Presentation of initial proposals for courses from participants
  • Discussion about potential audiences
  • What spaces and resources do you need to run your course?
  • Next steps

At the end of each workshop, we need to have a clear idea of what courses have been proposed, who will run them, how many days they will last, who the audience will be, and what spaces and resources you will need. In this way, we can develop the spaces and resources at Shambellie with your input and to address your future needs, to ensure that the development of the house will be fit for purpose. 

Each workshop will be three hours long, and will be at Shambellie House. They will be held at the following times:

  • Wednesday 1st November, 10am – 1pm
  • Sunday 5th November, 2pm – 5pm
  • Wednesday 8th November, 7pm – 10pm
  • Monday 27th November, 7pm – 10pm
  • Wednesday 6th December, 10am – 1pm

Refreshments will be provided.

Please can you let me know your first and second preference for dates, as soon as possible? Each workshop can have no more than ten participants, so we may need to go with second preferences on occasion.

The success of Shambellie House in the future will rely very much on you, the tutors, and the range of courses you provide. 

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